Utilize your data.
There’s Safety in Numbers.

Benefits of GreenLinkĀ®

Proactively address food safety concerns with industry-wide, data-driven solutions.
Leverage industry insights to respond with agility to regulatory changes, and maximize profits with data visualization and analytical tools.
Share, compare, and benchmark your grower data anonymously on Western Growers’ secure platform.
Contribute your data to help maintain independence as an industry.

Data Science Guides Effective Planning.

Utilizing Information to be Proactive.

Harness the power of aggregate data to drive favorable outcomes.
Foster engagement with stakeholders.
Maintain industry independence.
Anticipate and predict.

The Response to A Challenge

Information is the key to effective planning and response. The depth of knowledge makes for faster, more accurate decisions. One user is limited to the boundaries of their organization. With aggregate data, one organization becomes one industry.

All data remains in individual/proprietary databases. Maintain ownership of data while learning from the metrics of others.

The Outcome

Improve the positive industry narrative.

The Data Sharing Solution

  • Construct an industry wide data-driven narrative
  • Advance food safety data-sharing
  • Compile anonymized and aggregated industry data sets
  • Develop a tool to assess and guide best management practices

Built for You, by You

How participants drive improvement

Data Governance Committee

Assists platform development and define data use cases.

Stakeholder Committee

Includes stakeholders who may benefit and inform the aggregate and anonymized database.

Individual Interaction

Individually interact with the WG Science/Creme Global teams.

Why Participate Now?

Each new company adds to the platform

The more companies involved, the more powerful and beneficial the insights and predictive modeling becomes.

Empower the growth of the industry

As compared with other industries.

Have a say in regulatory priorities

Be a player in building a robust platform.

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